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As a native Sri Lankan Software Development Company, we always encourage our local business community to achieve their organizational goals in different systematic approaches. We always analyse the market gaps & fulfil them with most suitable solutions. We are always energizing people through our home-grown software range.

A point-of-sale (POS) system is used to record the products or services a customer intends to purchase, add up the items cost, calculate cost, accept payment and generate a receipt.

As soon as you begin selling goods or services in person, your business needs a POS system, no matter how small your operation is. A POS system makes the checkout experience easier and faster for both your cashier and your customer, reducing the time it takes to ring up a sale and decreasing human errors such as miscalculations

It helps with inventory management, tracking the items you have in stock, and some can even assist with purchase ordering.

Real-time reporting gives insight into your ROI, showing which items are your best and worst sellers, so you can reorder popular items and offer promotions on those that are underperforming. It can also help you identify your busy and slow hours, days, and seasons so you can optimize how you staff your business.

A POS system also plays an important role in reducing theft, as it records every transaction, and you can choose whether or not a manager must approve returns and voids. Shift reports and blind cash reconciliation discourage employees from stealing from the cash drawer. Mobile POS systems allow employees to mingle with your customers on the store floor, deterring shoplifting. Axia POS Software is unique & it has wide range of functions for users.


Outstanding Features

  • Business Information, Customer information, Supplier information
  • Warehouse, Shelf Management
  • Item information (Unit, Batch, Group, Barcode, Cost, Price, warehouse, Shelf, Expiration Etc)
  • List of item, Import item from Excel File, Barcode Printing
  • Stock Management, Expired Item, Bad Stock, Stock Transfer
  • Point of Sale, List of invoices
  • Purchase, Purchase List, Sales return, Purchase Return
  • Collection from Customer, Payment to Suppliers
  • Employee information, Attendance, Payment
  • Expense Overhead, Expense Voucher
  • User Management with permission, Multi language, Database Reset.

Real-time Report

  • All list of item, Group by item list
  • All stock list of item, Search by group/Warehouse/Shelf Report
  • Today sale report, POS / Quick Sale Report, Best Product Sale, Customer / Item wise Sales
  • Today Purchase Report, Supplier / Item wise report
  • Today Sales Return/ Purchase report, Item wise Sales Return/ Purchase report
  • Today Collection / Payment, Date wise Sales Return/ Purchase report
  • Customer wise collection, Supplier wise Payment
  • Employee List, Date wise attendance / Payment
  • Expenses report: Date to Date, Overhead basic.

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